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Collective effort-blog backstory

(with Kind use of the Beauty Blog Collective site) 
So it may or may not be something you're aware of but we both used to write for Really Ree. Unfortunately Ree decided she wanted to take her blog back in a more personal direction and we were no longer part of an amazing collection of ladies.

We decided that we enjoyed working with each other, even though most of us only met once we all got on like a house on fire. So Leah and Kathryn took the bull by the beauty horns and came up with the idea of the Beauty Blog Collective.

By this stage Michelle and I had decided to set up this here blog that you're reading. When invited to take part we literally jumped at the chance!

So far we have as part of the collective we have;

  • Leah Lander-ShafikBlog: Twitter: @leahshafik Instagram: @leahxl

All very talented passionate ladies who just want to make the world a better, more glitter covered place. If you want to read some amazing reviews and articles 
  1. Subscribe to here
  2. Also come say hi on twitter @BBlogCollective 
  3. And follow us on Instagram @beautyblogcollective
Stacey xx

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