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Do we really need primer and setting spray?

So this morning I realized after applying all my face makeup that I hadn't primed! I'm coming down with a cold so I blame that. When I text Michelle she suggested I used it as an opportunity to experiment. I thought that was actually a really good idea and so I decided to skip setting spray as well to see if there really is a difference.
6.45am! First check in

I have combo/oily skin and foundation usually wears off my t-zone first, especially my nose. I used the bareminerals Barepro liquid which I lightly set with some bareminerals Original loose foundation. the rest of my blusher, bronzer and highlighter I applied as normal.

I will be checking in several times during the day. Initially I didn't see any difference, I do have pores and texture that I usually use a primer to smooth but if I'm being totally honest they look about the same unprimed once the foundation is on. My pores are a little more visible but not horrendously so.
The time applied was 6.45 am.
12.30pm 2nd check in 

Second check in was about midday so almost 6 hours later. My foundation was holding up pretty well at this stage. As you can see there is a little separation near my chin and nose but it's not enough for me to reapply- I was trying not to reapply or freshen it up so I could really say I'd put it to the test.

Last check in is as I write this at 7 pm so over 12 hours later. I've worn this make up all day including 2 brisk walks of at least 20 minutes each to and from work and around the shops at lunchtime. All my powders seem in place with just the foundation breaking down on my nose and chin as I expected.

7.00pm - please excuse my windswept hair!

So this accidental experiment was actually quite interesting. I didn't wear my most long lasting foundation today so I think it was actually quite a fair test.

Final thoughts;

  • Foundation lasted pretty much the same as it usually does and broke down in the same areas as when a primer is worn and setting spray used
  • Pores were a little more noticeable but not to the extent I was paranoid about them 
  • Blush, Bronzer and Highlighter all applied as normal and lasted really well during the day 
Would I ditch the primer and setting sprays for good? Well to be honest no. I do like a smooth base and I have so many primers and setting sprays it'd be a waste not to use them. However I now realise that if I'm in a hurry they are 2 steps I could potentially skip and it wouldn't be the end of the world. 

How do you feel about primers and setting sprays? Essentials or unnecessary? 

Stacey xx

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