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Grace Cole Home fragrance

When we were writing for ReallyRee I was able to try a candle from the Grace Cole range, the scent I was supplied with was nice, but not to my usual tastes. The PR read this and kindly sent me a diffuser in the scent I said I had wanted to try the most.

Grace Cole Diffuser
I love coming home from work and relaxing with a candle, having a nicely scented home is important as I live with my husband and 7 year old son, we all are pretty active and often they leave stinky trainers etc laying around the house! I have been unhappy with my usual brand though for a while as I found the scents weren’t obvious after the initial first use.

Grace Cole Packaging
I was really pleased with the throw from the Grace Cole candle, the scent lingered long after I'd blown out the candle. I also purchased some of their shower gels and body sprays and was impressed with those too, so I had high hopes for the diffuser. The first thing to mention is the size, it’s a whopping 200mls, that’s great value for money!! The packaging feels luxurious and you can smell the diffuser before you fully open the box.

Diffuser detailing

I was sent the Grapefruit, Lime and Mint scent, a classic fresh fragrance, exactly the kind of scent that I would purchase. I found it offered a really nice throw of scent, I could smell it round the house and it masked the stinky golf shoes so that’s a thumbs up right there! As it’s 200mls that will last quite a while so it makes it an affordable purchase, you could also layer it by burning the matching candle to intensify the scent.

Ingredients list

Overall I have been impressed with everything I have tried from this range. They are more affordable than some of the bigger names on the market and offer a better result in my eyes.

Michelle xx
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**diffuser sent from PR but I purchased everything else myself**

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