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Last minute Holo-ween ideas

We’ve all been there, thinking we’ve got no plans for Halloween, then someone invites you out! Fear not, with the help of YouTube and some holo products you can easily turn yourself into a mermaid or unicorn for Halloween, using items you may even have already.

First up, eyes. Nyx do a great range of glitter pigments, as do Barry M. Glitter pigments are great as you can get them in a variety of shades, they are easy to use and are very effective. Glitter pigments can also be used around the eyes, onto the cheeks etc so are versatile. How about a glitter eyeliner or 2? My favourite glitter eyeliners come from Collection, the glam crystals are long wearing and easy to apply, available in several shades they can be great in taking a day look and changing it to a night look if you have drinks after work. Kat Von D Alchemy palette also gets a mention, more expensive than the other items featured but it really is so pretty. You can use the shades on eyes, cheeks and lips so a great all in 1 product to save you carrying around lots in your make up bag.

Highlighters such as these by Revolution are great for Halloween looks, they can be subtle, or really built up to make a statement. Try the rose gold, or the silver to give you a real metallic look, such as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, this can be a quick and easy costume idea, and you'll look great doing it, after all we all love to shine! Barry M also have a range of liquid highlighters so you've got a few options in the local drugstores.

Finally, how about your lips? Revolution have a Unicorn lip kit, this looks fantastic as a topper over black or burgundy matte lip products for a Vampiric look. Rimmel also have a range called LIP ART, these have a sheen to them that you can use to create different looks, I would try them over a red, or even a deep purple.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas

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