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Piercing at Punktured

Stacey and I both have several piercings, some of them were done in our teenage years, where I’m ashamed to say we went to a high street chain and had them pierced with guns!! Now we’re older and wiser we would only allow ourselves to be pierced by qualified professionals, using sterilised needles.
Michelle on the left and Stacey on the right with the lovely Eli just after piercings performed

Yesterday we had appointments booked at Punktured in Brighton, we have both had piercings there before and we requested Eli ( @eliinkpiercer on instagram), he is just so lovely and really makes you feel at ease. I was only having my nose done this time, Stacey was going for a conch and helix piercing. Please ask around and get recommendations from people when it comes to body modifications, a great reputation is a must.

As with all piercings we both made sure we had eaten sensibly beforehand, we also took along a sugary drink and something sweet to snack on afterwards. When your body has a “shock” such as a piercing or a tattoo your blood pressure and sugar levels drop so the quicker you bring them back up, the less likely you are to faint- any reputable piercing studio will advise you of all this before you go for your appointment.

Punktured is a busy studio in the centre of Brighton, within 30 minutes of opening they’re usually packed so appointment booking is best if you’ve got limited time as you may not get a walk in appointment for when you want. A £10 deposit secured your booking and they offer student discount!! having just celebrated their 18th birthday they have a well established reputation.

We were greeted warmly by the staff when we arrived ( I think you could say we were regulars lol) and we were taken through the consent forms, jewellery selection etc before our appointments so allow 5-10 minutes to do this so you’re not rushed. Eli recognised us-who can forget identical twins eh? And called us through together.

Michelle's nose piercing 24hrs later

I went first at Eli’s request, he made sure I was fit and well and that I’d eaten. We chatted about the procedure and then he marked my nose up ready for piercing, I want to be able to wear a stud or a hoop and Eli placed my piercing so I had that flexibility. He made sure I was comfortable before we started and talked me through the whole procedure, there’s something oddly calming about a heavily tattooed and pierced man sticking needles in to you!

I was told it was going to feel like plucking a nose hair and that my eyes may water. Eli kept me informed of what he was doing at each stage and the whole piercing took about 1 minute if that. As soon as I was done I had my sugary snack and felt absolutely fine.
Stacey's Conch piercing 24hrs later (all other piercings now fully healed performed at Punktured jewellery purchased there as well)

Next up was Stacey’s turn, she was nervous as a conch piercing is said to be the most painful ear piercing, but I don’t know why, she sat there and just politely said “ouch” and that was with both piercings! The second one she didn’t even flinch on. The conch goes through the “shell” part of your ear and can be painful, but we both have our daiths pierced and Stacey said it felt better than that. Again, it took just a couple of minutes for Eli to do both of Stacey’s piercings, that included a change of gloves in between each ear.

The hygiene standards at Punktured are really high, that’s very important and one of the reasons we keep going back to them. At the end of the day you’re creating an open wound in your body and everything you can do to minimise infection is great. Aftercare is to clean the site with a salt solution twice a day, do not clean on the first day though!! We use non iodised sea salt and boiling water, mix together and let cool slightly. Don’t use the same end of the cotton bud for front and back of the piercing, always use a clean end and keep this routine up for 4 months or until fully healed. Cartilage can take longer to heal so if in doubt let a professional do the first jewellery change.

Stacey's Helix 24hrs later (Daith pierced by Eli as well 4 months ago and fully healed wearing Punktured Jewellery)

It’s 24 hours since the piercings now. Stacey said she can barely feel hers, apart from if she rolls over in her sleep, she is using a travel pillow which helps to stabilise your head. Mine only twinges if I yawn, otherwise no issues.

If we have anymore piercings performed they will only ever be at Punktured. They invite you back with any queries- no matter how small or silly they may seem to you. And are very quick to respond to any queries via Facebook.

Michelle's nose piercing cost £28 due to jewellery selected.
Stacey's piercings cost £50 due to jewellery selected.
We paid for these piercings ourselves but prices are clearly labelled on their website which I've linked below.
Michelle xx

Instagram @punkturedbrighton

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