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Smashbox- Drawn In Decked Out

The last birthday purchase I have to share with you is the Smashbox Shadow and Highlight palette set. This is a collaborative set with 2 Cover Shot eye shadow palettes, full size, and a miniature Spotlight palette in Pearl.

Smashbox Drwan In Decked Out
I love the Cover Shot palettes and own a couple already, one of which is in this set, but I love it so much I don’t mind a backup. Smashbox collaborated with artist Ana Strumpf to redesign their moving covers, there are also some matching stickers included.

The first Cover Shot palette and the one I already own is Ablaze. This is a beautiful warm toned palette and perfect for this time of year. The Cover Shot formula is my favourite of all that Smashbox offer. The shadows are super pigmented and exceptionally easy to blend. This is the “Blue” palette.

Ablaze Cover Shot Palette

Ablaze features;
  • ·         Relaxed – A matte cream tone perfect to blend out other shadows or under the brow bone
  • ·         Moccasin – This is the shimmery highlight shade and is a beautiful champagne gold
  • ·         Siesta – A mid tone rose gold, perfect all over the lid
  • ·         Nirvana – A beautiful berry red with subtle gold shimmer
  • ·         Delirious – A mid tone purple/brown, hard to describe but stunning
  • ·         Torch – This is for me one of the stand out shades and is a beautiful gold
  • ·         Throwback – A matte terracotta
  • ·         Dark Horse – A rich dark matte brown, this can also double as a liner

L-R Relaxed, Siesta, Nirvana, Delirious, Moccasin, Torch, Throwback, Dark Horse

The second Cover Shot is cooler toned and is called Sultry. As far as I can see this appears to be an exclusive to this set. I tend to favour warmer tones but Sultry really surprised me with how much I actually liked it and I’ve used it a lot more than I thought I would. This is The “Purple” palette.

Sultry Cover Shot Palette
Sultry features;
  • ·         Bliss – A matte very pale cream shade, lighter than Relaxed in the Ablaze palette
  • ·         Glitz – The shimmery pale cream highlight
  • ·         Hang – A light cool toned taupe transition shade
  • ·         Platinum – The name is a bit of a clue here. A medium toned platinum taupe
  • ·         Stone – A deep matte taupe
  • ·         Bordeaux – Like the wine a deep purple with subtle shimmer
  • ·         Black Currant – This is again self-descriptive, a deep matte purple
  • ·         Dark Cocoa – A dark matte grey, not a brown as you’d expect with that name.

L-R Bliss, Hang, Platinum, Stone, Glitz, Bordeaux, Back Currant, Dark Cocoa

The travel sized Spotlight Palette is a smaller version of the Casey Holmes designed palette in Pearl. Of the 2 she designed this is the lighter one, but it would still be stunning on darker skin. It’s housed in the Pink packaging.

In the Spotlight Pearl Palette

The shades are;
·         Turn It On Pearl – The lightest of the 3 shades it is a light toned pearl with subtle shimmer
·         Crank It Up Pearl – The medium shade with a little more pigment and shimmer.
·         Blow A Fuse Pearl -  The all-out shade in terms of pigment and actual glitter. For me not too wearable in the daytime.

L-R Turn it on Pearl, Crank it up Pearl, Blow a fuse Pearl

These shades are all very blendable and buildable on the skin. They haven’t emphasised any texture and they’ve been some of my most reached for highlighters since I got them.

Value wise this set is phenomenal. The Cover shot Palettes are usually £25 each. Smashbox have put an equivalent retail value of £55 on the box but as far as I can see on their website you can’t buy the travel Spotlight palette outside of this set. Having compared the travel size to the full size which retails for £26 there’s only a 3g difference! 

The Drawn in Decked Out Palette is available directly from Smashbox here or Boots here
As it's limited edition it won't be around for long!

Stacey xx

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