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Colourpop, I think I love you?!

Recently as part of my birthday present Michelle and I placed a Colourpop order. Mainly this was for the My Little Pony collection which Michelle is adding to here soon, but I couldn't resist two of their pressed shadow palettes.

After placing a twitter poll it was voted to feature them in separate posts. So we're starting with I Think I Love You (but I have put a little teaser pic below).

Coloupop I Think I love you and Yes Please Palette Packaging 
I am a massive fan of the Supershock Shadows and considering Colourpop isn't easily available in the UK I have quite a few. I've seen many, many YouTube reviews on their pressed shadows and was desperate to try them, in case you're unaware eyeshadow is my favourite make up item.

For $16 you receive 12 pressed shadows in a finish of shimmers and mattes. The Colourpop website describes them as so;

  • Bitter Better: metallic soft gold
  • Bel Air: matte cool taupe
  • Fancy Face: metallic bright red copper
  • Girls Bite: metallic golden bronze
  • Howdy: metallic red bronze
  • Rowdy: matte warm ivory
  • My Treat: metallic champagne ivory
  • Level Up: metallic bright penny copper
  • Screw It: metallic soft rose gold
  • Let's Do It: matte true black
  • Rule Breaker: metallic bright yellow gold
  • My Type: matte deep saddle brown 

L-R Bitter Better, Belair, Fancy Face, Girls Bite, Howdy, Rowdy, My Treat, Level Up, Screw it, Let's Do It, Rule Breaker , My Type

This is a very warm toned, neutral palette and beautiful for this time of year. Every single one is exceptionally buttery and very easy to blend. I personally like to apply the shimmery shadows with my fingers for an extra intense finish, or I use a flat shadow brush sprayed lightly with a setting spray. Fancy Face, Level Up and Screw it are my personal favourites.

I've created several different looks using this palette and have had lots of compliments each time I've worn it. I've tried the shadows with and without primer and the wear time is the same for me regardless. The low price in no way denotes the quality of the product. I love the 3 palettes I own from them, and if it wasn't for the horrendous customs charges I would place an order monthly and collect all the shadows.

Colourpop offer free shipping to the UK with spends over $50. Please be aware that customs can be added once the item hits the UK and the total depends on how much you spend. Michelle and I spent about $120 in total and paid £36 customs. For me it's a gamble I take but I really hope Colourpop find a UK stockist soon. Coloupop are also cruelty free.

I Think I Love You is available here

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