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One month piercing update

A month ago, Stacey and I both got new piercings, Stacey had her conch and helix pierced, I had my nose pierced. We have both had piercings before and went to see our usual piercer Eli at Punktured in Brighton. Punktured has been trading for 18 years now and the shop is usually packed so appointment booking is advised, especially at the weekends.

One of the keys to successful piercing healing without issue is to make sure you get pierced by a licensed piercer in a reputable parlour, needles are much better for piercings than a gun as the sharp needle will produce less trauma than the blunt gun.

For the past month I have been cleaning my piercing twice a day with sea salt in boiling water. I allow this to cool slightly and then clean the inside and outside of the piercing site using the fresh end of a cotton bud. As mine is a facial piercing, it's easy to catch and I must confess I have pulled mine out slightly twice when washing my face- it hurt!! I did push it back in myself, but if it had come out more then I would've gone back to Punktured and asked them to put it back in for me.

One thing I have had to be more thoughtful of is things like face masks, applying foundation etc as you don't want to get anything near the site, as essentially it is a fresh wound in your body and can get infected, hygiene is so important. I have looked a bit odd with foundation missing around my nose stud, but I'd look more odd with an infected stud!!

In terms of how my piercing looks, I love it! I have had so many compliments on it and I'm really pleased, it also hasn't been an issue at work, some companies can be a bit odd about piercings and tattoos so I wouldn't do anything that might jeopardise my position.

Stacey has also been following the aftercare advice for her piercings, I know hers are healing well as she is very hot on hygiene, we are both leaving it a minimum of 4 months before we try and change our piercings, Stacey will probably go back to Punktured and ask them to change the conch for the first time as it's a slightly tender spot, most piercers will change the jewellery for you for a small charge, better than getting into a flap at home trying to do it yourself.

Punktured can be found here and  here

You can also get the BRAND NEW! Punktured app from the App Store

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