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Sparkle and shine this Christmas

Party season is approaching and it's perfectly acceptable, in fact I think it's required that we cover ourselves in glitter!

Beauty Boulevard the creators of the Glitter lip kits kindly sent us a whole load of party preparation products and of course glitter.

We have to start with the famous Glitter Lips. These are little pots of glitter that are safe for use on the lips, it goes without saying they're not suitable for consumption. What makes them so easy to use is that you also get a little tube of gloss and an applicator.

You simply apply to dry lips, one at a time, you apply the gloss and once it's clear you generously pat on the glitter with the sponge tipped applicator. It's a little easier if you wet the sponge. Once you have an even coat you lightly dust off the excess. The other end of the applicator is a small lip brush to help clean up the lip line.

You may experience very light fall out whilst drinking, although they are said to be kiss, drink and party proof . I would recommend using a straw and maybe avoiding meals. To remove you simply use an oil based cleanser. I used the DHC cleansing oil. These are perfect for those nights out where you want a little extra something.

Vintage Pretty 

Ruby Slippers
There are 19 shades available and each kit provides up to 25 applications. I was sent Ruby Slippers which literally encompasses Dorothy's ruby red shoes. It's the perfect Santa red. Vintage pretty is a beautiful delicate pink with holo sparkles. This is the slightly more wearable shade in the range.

Glitter Lips are available direct from Beauty Boulevard here and are £12.50 each.

If you really want to amp up the glitter Star dust are kits which contain a binding gel, brush and premium glitter. They can be applied to face, body and hair. I would advise not using too close to the eyes though. The application is super easy, you apply the binding gel and using the brush gently spread out, using the same brush dip into the glitter and press to apply. Wait 2 minutes and the glitter is set.

Drops of Jupiter Star Dust
Supernova Star Dust
Removal is by simply applying neat liquid soap or shower gel, massage in to loosen the glitter and then simply add water and keep massaging until all the glitter is dispersed then rinse with water.

There are 9 stunning colour combinations suitable for all year round. I have Drops of Jupiter which is the gold based glitter and Supernova which is the silver. I wore some for Children in Need at work recently and it lasted the whole working day. I must just add the brush is so soft and has such a nice shape I've actually been using it to apply blusher and highlighter!

Star dust kits are priced at £12.50 for approximately 5 applications and are available here

After all that glitter and partying we, and our lips are in need of a little TLC. For dry and damaged lips the Divine Hydra-Gel mask is exactly what you need. I've been ill for over 2 months now and my lips, which I don't normally have a problem with have been super dry. I've never used a lip mask before and to be honest it was a little odd. You get 2 masks per pack and they are a cute lilac colour. You apply and gently press onto the lip area. Wait 10-15 minutes then remove. Containing ingredients to plump, contour and moisturise as well as containing antioxidants you can feel an added hydration.

For 2 lip masks they retail at £7.50 and are available here

To maintain that hydration I recommend using one of the Trinity Tri-Colour moisturising lip tints. Housed in a traditional style bullet they have a trio of hydrating agents; Coconut oil, Jojoba and beeswax. The trio of tints provides a sheer wash of colour which is perfect for those who don't like bare lips but are in need of winter hydration.

I was sent all three (see where the trinity name comes in yet?) 01 Lust is a cherry red, fuchsia and grape purple. 02 Envy is fuchsia, grape and baby pink. 03 Pride is a pink, dusty rose and pale peach. All feel super hydrating and have a subtle sheen on the lips.
L-R 01, 02, 03

L-R 01, 02, 03

They retail for £8.50 each and are available here.

**Items sent as PR samples for review, all opinions are my own**
Stacey xx

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