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Star Wars Fragrances

I am a big Star Wars fan, it's everywhere at the moment thanks to the new instalment coming in a few short weeks. Something else that's only a few short weeks away is Christmas. The guys at Keep Me have got you sorted with their range of themed fragrances that will delight any fan.

First things first, the packaging is insane! So much thought has been put into every single aspect of the packaging, each item of packaging is embossed, there's holographic print and on trend metallics, something to delight everyone.

The scents are marketed to be mostly unisex, there are some that are clearly masculine or feminine, but I'd say be led more by what suits your tastes. I would say there's something for each age range too within the collection.

First up are the individual fragrances, these are:

Revenge- A dominant spicy aromatic fragrance with woody and capricious dark notes representing the very essence of the Dark Side of the force.

Rey-  A powerful sweet, fruity and floral fragrance representing all that is strong, collected and sophisticated

Droid- An androgynous, energetic, citric and floral fragrance combined with spicy and musky elements representing all that is precocious and good spirited 

Galaxy- A zesty. energetic, woody fragrance with warm and floral spicy notes representing all that is fearless and heroic

Out of these my favourite is definitely Rey, my husband prefers Droid or Revenge, my dad loves Galaxy so there's something for everyone. A good way to try the scents is with the Travel gift set as it contains 2 of these scents as well as the light and dark in handy atomisers.

Talking of light and dark, these come individually or within a gift set, they are described as:

Light- A strong, fresh pure infusion which enlightens the senses and refreshes the soul. It captures a warm ambience and surrounds you in all that is good and inviting. 

Dark- A powerful, dark explosion of mystical notes, permeating the air and encapsulating you in all that is dark and enticing. 

Again, I prefer the light, my husband prefers the dark so that could make a good gift for a Star Wars mad couple. I find as these are all Eau de Parfum they are long lasting on the skin so no need for top ups during the day. The bottles are 50mls so a decent size and great value for money as Eau de Parfums are traditionally more expensive due to a higher quality of ingredients.

At the moment you can get 50% off as an O2 reward customer, check here for more details.

I've also been let into a secret, order before Monday from here and receive a Galaxy FREE with every order

Check these out and let me know what you think.


**These were sent as PR samples, all opinions however are my own, there is no affiliate link set up**

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