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New Workout = New Me

I used to be a very regular gym goer, I attended classes 5 days a week and had personal training on top, I even ran 10k races. Unfortunately personal circumstances and breaking my elbow at the gym, I fell over my own feet I am that clumsy! meant I got out of the habit of going.

After gaining a considerable amount of weight over the last few years I've had enough and want it gone! I loved my old gym, it's where I met my soul mate best friend Jemma, but I could easily talk myself out of going after work as I had to go home to change and get my car and travel through central Brighton in rush hour.

So I reluctantly cancelled my membership and said goodbye to a great social gym. I joined a gym less than 5 minutes away from work so you think I'd have no excuse not to go. Well this gym wasn't at all social, I like to catch someone's eye during a tough class and exchange that look of pain and know they'd know what I was going through. I attended this gym for a few weeks and don't think I had one conversation, I talk to anyone so it wasn't that I hadn't tried.

In October I was struck down with whooping cough and knew with Christmas coming I wouldn't have time so I cancelled another membership. I knew I wanted to do something so when my friend Jane from my original gym opened a Functional 45 studio I was intrigued.

Jane, Studio Owner 
Originating in Australia each F45 class is exactly 45 minutes including warm up and cool down. Each day there is a different class on repeat. The days alternate between cardio and resistance but are all based on HIIT (high intensity interval training) designed to maximise results in a short space of time. Accolades F45 has been awarded include; Best fitness class in London (GQ) , Best workouts to get you stronger (Harpers Bazaar), Best HIIT class in London (Glamour Magazine).

Instructor demos

Jane, the studio owner, invited me to a free 2 week trial and curiosity got the better of me. Each class is lead by 2 instructors, my first class was All Stars which is a resistance based class. Unfortunately one of the instructors is an old friend of mine so I was not given an easy time.

More demos 
We were lead through each of the stations and demonstrations given of each exercise. There are screens all around the studio that not only count down the duration of each exercise but also tell you how many sets are left, and most importantly have demos so you can easily watch an exercise again so you don't feel the pressure to remember everything.

After a warm up we were off and I tell you now 45 minutes has never gone so fast! I didn't have time to think about how hard the exercises were and how tired I was as I was off again! At the end of the class the instructors, who come round and give you encouragement and support the whole time, gave us all high fives and it was over.

On Saturday's there's an in house DJ

I knew at the end of the first class I was hooked! I found an exercise environment I not only could work hard in but also had the social aspect I enjoy. When someone new joins in Jane or someone on her team makes a point to introduce them to an existing member so they feel welcome straight away. We also work in pairs or teams during the sessions so you quickly make new friends.

After 4 classes with no change to my diet I'd lost 4lb and signed up for a membership. We have an 8 week challenge starting tomorrow with diet and exercise plans included. I also had a full body scan and it seems all my joking about a 6-pack under my fat is true as Jane discovered I've held on to all the muscle I'd built before.

Beetroot faced after class!

I have taken some before pics- I apologise for the red face I'd just finished Quarterbacks which is the most intensive class I've done so far. I will be updating you guys on my progress and how I cope with cutting coffee out of my diet!

All photos with the exception of my before and after are courtesy of @will_ireland_photography

Wish me luck!
Stacey xx

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