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Bilou - Tasty treats for your shower

We've been a little absent recently as unfortunately almost 2 years to the day, our Father had his second Diabetic attack which resulted in a week of hospital stays and extreme worry for the whole family. Luckily he's back home and being better managed this time so we're back with the blog.

Bilou shower foam and cream foams are something we've both been wanting to try but our local Superdrug is always sold out. So when the PR reached out and asked if we'd love to try we jumped at the chance.

Fizzy Berry Shower foam and Cream foam

I received the Fizzy Berry shower foam and cream foam lotions. To her surprise Michelle also found she was sent the Cotton Candy scent in the same products.

Shower foams are my favourite as I'm currently going to F45 ( see my previous post for a review) at least 5 times a week and when I get home I literally want to shower quickly and prioritise food! To me they're quick and get the job done as well as being great for travel.

Cotton Candy Shower foam and Cream foam

The shower foam needs shaking before use and you can feel and hear the change as it starts to thicken. You just need to press very lightly! Like hair mousse, but unlike other foam showers I use it pretty much doubled. The scent of the Fizzy Berry is sweet but not over powering and is a more grown up fruity scent I'd say. Michelle said the Cotton Candy smells exactly as you'd expect, sweet but not sickly.

After showering I'm the first to admit I'm lazy and hate applying lotion. I want to dry and dress quickly. I was sceptical if I'm honest about the cream foam as I've tried others in the past and found them too sticky.

Fizzy Berry Creamy Shower Foam

Again you need the smallest amount, and like the shower foam you need to shake first. I applied the product to my arms first and it was instantly absorbed, once I'd applied to my legs my arms were completely dry but delicately scented. I was able to dress immediately. I would say they're suitable for normal to dry skin, if you're very dry they may not be rich enough.

Fizzy Berry Gentle Cream Foam 

These are now staples in my bathroom and I desperately want to stalk my local Superdrug for more scents, the Coco Cocktail in particular is one I want for Summer. For lazy low maintenance girls like me they're so quick and easy to use.

Bilou products are available from Superdrug here

Which scents are you intrigued by?
Stacey xx

**All samples sent by PR but all opinions are my own **

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