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KISS will help you get Valentines ready

Valentines day is fast approaching, and that means Valentines dates if we're lucky. Wanting to look your best is only natural but sometimes we don't have the time to spend hours on getting ready. This is where KISS comes in. I was lucky enough to be sent some products to test out ahead of the big day. My husband and I have our anniversary 3 days after Valentines, and with a young son we now tend to combine the two dates into one night out so being able to get ready with minimal fuss is great for this busy working mummy!!

First up I tried the imPRESS one-step gel nails in Rock It, a classic French manicure with a slight glitter accent on some nails. I haven't worn false nails since the 1990's, and my memories of them are not favourable, these however looked natural and a lot less fiddly.

imPRESS nails come pre glued, so you just select the best size for your nails (if between 2 sizes I would suggest going smaller), peel off the tab and press to apply. I applied from the centre and worked out towards the edges, I didn't use excessive force and they felt quite solid on. I am quite tough on my hands, my job requires constant hand washing and I also have housework etc to do so I wasn't holding out much hope of them lasting up to the recommended 7 days.

I was wrong! It felt strange wearing them at first, however after a few hours I got accustomed to the feel of them, I went for a glitter accent on my ring fingers and it looked really subtle and classy. I applied them on the Sunday and they survived several rounds of washing, hovering, cleaning etc. I didn't wear gloves and the chemicals I used didn't tarnish the finish which was nice. They survived well at work, and when I removed them after 4 days they came off easily and my nails didn't look damaged at all. I will definitely use these in future if I fancy a quick, good looking manicure.

Find: here

Second thing I tried was the KISS TRUE volume lashes in Spicy, I am not confident with false lashes but these I found easier than most to handle, they come with a tapered lash end rather than a blunt end like other lashes so the appearance is more blended I found with my natural lashes. I am a contact lens wearer so sensitivity can be a problem so I applied the lashes with the Aloe infused strip lash adhesive.

Application went surprisingly well for me, I let the adhesive dry until slightly tacky and then applied, I found it easier to apply them with my lenses in as I have really poor sight so I wanted to be able to see properly what I was doing. My husband was quite surprised by how natural they looked, apart from obviously being quite a bit thicker, he said that you couldn't see the band joining with my natural lashes. I only wore them for a few hours so I can't comment on long wear times, but for a night out they would definitely last.

Find: here

Let me know what you think if you try any of these out


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