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Juvia's Place Palette Haul; Part 1 Mini Masquerade Palette

I'm stuck in a rut of using only neutral shadows and want to start branching out into colour so where better to start than Juvia's Place. You only have to type the name into YouTube's search bar and see how popular they are.

The Magic and Mini Masquerade Palettes

The first palette I purchased was the Masquerade Mini. The palette is available in 2 sizes and based on the sheer amount of palettes I own I knew that although the full size is much better value, it wasn't worth it for me. Compared to the full size, the mini has a total weight of 24g to the full size which is 57.6g. The full size is only £5 more for double the product.

Mini Masquerade Palette

After purchasing from Beauty Bay, unfortunately at the time of typing this it's out of stock, I couldn't wait to get it, thank god for free next day delivery! When it arrived I wasn't disappointed and in fact I ordered the Magic palette which I will review separately.

The Masquerade Mini is inspired by festivities filled with beautiful and striking colours. There are 16 pans made up of 8 bolder colours and 8 neutrals. There are 9 metallic, 2 shimmers and 5 matte shades. 

L-R Chi, Mali, Dalia, Zola

L-R Makeda, Zobo, Calabar, Bon

L-R Giza, Burkina, Cairo, Ada, Dahia, Zulu, Casablanca, Fulani

All these swatches are just using a clean finger with no primer or altering of the shades at all. As you can see the shimmers in particular are absolutely stunning. They can pick up slightly less pigmented when using a brush so they do recommend using a flat brush and some setting spray on the brush before pick up. I personally just used my finger to apply and it was perfect. 

For £30 I was incredibly impressed with the quality, all the shadows blended perfectly and I would say it's a very good formula for beginners to start with. 

Do you own any of the Juvia's palettes?
Stacey xx

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