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There’s nothing that says summer to me quite like some beautiful polishes, especially when shown off with some lovely sandals. I do like my polish to look nice, but more importantly it has to be hardwearing as I am pretty tough on my hands, step forward CND Vinylux.

Infused with Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and keratin, it offers longevity similar to that of a gel, without all the steps involved.  The polishes come in over 100 shades, and some of those have complimentary shades within the Shellac range. I have 2 shades to talk about today, Taffy and Gummi.

Anyone who knows me well will know my obsession with things that are duck egg blue coloured, or similar. Taffy is exactly the sort of shade I would go for, in fact it’s been on my toes ever since I received it! It’s such a wearable shade and really suits my skin tone.

Gummi is a beautiful pastel lilac shade, it screams spring and summer as soon as you look at it. It’s a beautiful cream finish, which makes it a dream to apply.

I am a bit of a snob when it comes to brushes and nail polish, OPI have always been a favourite of mine thanks to the broad brush, this range has an even better brush! I prefer the width of a broader brush, this allows for less strokes ensuring you get a nice even finish, it has an ergonomic brush which follows the curves of the nail. I can easily paint my nails in one stroke using this brush.

The polishes are great, but the star of the show in my eyes is the topcoat, it’s a weekly topcoat so polish lasts 7 days with it, I find that I get 5-7 days on my fingers which is pretty good considering how much abuse my hands get, on my toes though I easily got 10-14 days+ which I’m sure you’ll agree is pretty amazing.

Polishes on left of each are 2 coats, polishes on the right of each are 1 coat  

If you’re a polishaholic like me then you definitely need to try this range out, I’m due to get some more shades soon so will have reviews of those up soon too.


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