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The English Mineral Makeup Company

I am a huge fan of mineral makeup, I own almost everything that a certain mineral company has produced, but I’m an even bigger fan of discovering new products and new brands. Last year I was lucky enough to try some new products from a fairly new company, English Mineral Makeup, I was really impressed with those products, so today I have a few more for you.

EMM was created by a mother and daughter team, they were looking to create a range that was suitable for all age groups, would cover skin concerns such as rosacea and fine lines, without blocking the skin or caking it in makeup. EMM is 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan friendly. These factors are important for most people nowadays when choosing makeup, and it’s easy to see why this brand has taken off so quickly!

First up is Fairy Godmother, a truly cult EMM product, it is the ultimate multi tasker, it can be used as a primer, a finishing powder, an illuminator and a night time treatment, it’s a true 4 in 1 product so great value for money, it also comes with the cutest carriage charm! Unfortunately as this contains crushed pearl it is not vegan, it does contain anti oxidants such as green tea, rosehip and jojoba.

This product is heavenly, it is so soft to the touch, it blends beautifully and leaves my skin feeling like a much better version of itself. It is also light to wear, so with this recent heatwave I haven’t bothered with foundation, I’ve just used this and I’ve been really happy with how my skin looks. If you buy just one thing from EMM I would say invest in this, yes it is a little pricy, but for what you get and the quality of the ingredients it’s totally worth it, a little goes a really long way as with most minerals so expect this to last a long while.

Next up is Mirror Mirror, I sense a fairytale trend lol, this is an under eye treatment, but it’s so much more than just a concealer, containing crushed pearl and other minerals that combine to create the ultimate under eye concealer, illuminator and it does an amazing job at disguising dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes. As my 8 year old is waking at 5am with the sunrise at the moment, I definitely need this! A little really does go a long way, as with most minerals, the more you buff the product the better the results so start of with just the tiniest amount, as with Fairy Godmother a pot of this will last you months so a definite good investment.

Finally I have the Apricot blusher, this comes with a mini kabuki to aid application-speaking of the brush, the full size kabuki is a must, it is the softest brush I have ever used, and when blending minerals a good brush is a must, it allows for great blending, without eating up all of your product! Anyway, back to the blusher, Apricot has a satin finish, there are also matte finishes available in other shades. This is a lovely soft shade, it looks much darker in the pot than it does on the skin, combined with Fairy Godmother this is giving me a lovely natural flush for over the summer months, it blends like a dream but please apply sparingly- a little goes a really long way, it’s better to apply in small amounts and build up to your desired depth.

As with the previous products I’ve used I’m really impressed with these, the Fairy Godmother is my stand out product as it really is so versatile, I often go away with work so have to pack sensibly, knowing I have a multi tasking product that is actually good for my skin is a real bonus. This company has really exploded over the past year, they had a really great run at the This Morning live event in Birmingham recently, getting great exposure which is exactly what they deserve. If you are wanting good products, that work and are good for your skin then you have to check them out!!


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