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Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Collection -

So I've been a little absent from the blog over the last few months. Life just got in the way and I found myself, if I'm being brutally honest, unmotivated. The hot weather doesn't bode well for myself and makeup as I perspire more than I should probably admit to. As a result I've not purchased any new makeup until recently, I'm one of those people who love Autumn and the fact it's sunny for the most part but also cooler.

As the heatwave seems to have disappeared I've found myself wearing makeup over the last few days and one thing that I was curious to try was the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault. Although I have several of the Morphe 35 palettes I don't own the original Jaclyn Hill one. I must also apologise in advance as this is a long review so you may want to get a drink and snacks. Also my photography skills are a little rusty so please forgive the photo quality but I didn't want to edit them and alter the colour of the shadow swatches.

If you watch YouTube or read beauty blogs then you'll probably be aware of the controversy surrounding the launch of this collection, I'll summarise if not. The palettes were due to be launched a few months ago but the influencers who received the first batch in PR had nothing really positive to say, the shadows were patchy and didn't blend well. Morphe then "recalled" all the palettes and had them re-pressed and they were launched mid August worldwide.

Now there are some that are unsure Morphe did actually re-press the palettes due to the quick turn around. I decided to order the collection to try for myself. Whilst waiting for it to be delivered I watched the live swatching video that was posted by That Girl Shae on YouTube -she's amazing by the way you should definitely check her out. She had real trouble with the mattes especially when blending out so I was quite nervous.

I opted for the full collection but all the palettes are available individually. The packaging is beautiful, not even going to mention the similarities to the Becca collection. It's white with the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill embossed in the centre and then silver confetti with elemnts of the colour theme for that palette mixed in.

Each palette carries a colour theme with a mix of mattes and shimmers. They are all shades that didn't make Jaclyn's original palette but were too pretty to not be shown/sold. I went for the full set of 4 as I wanted to not only push my boundaries and steer myself from warn toned smoky eyes, but also the formulas on some apparently perform better than others and wanted to try them all before reviewing.

Armed and Gorgeous

The first palette is Armed and Gorgeous. This is a more earthy toned palette and perfect for Autumn.
The shades are;
  • VIP- a shimmery white 
  • Access - a mustard yellow matte
  • Gilt Trip - a shimmery gold
  • Coin - a very yellow based gold
  • Agent - an orange mid tone matte
  • Top Secret - a true army green 
  • Smooth Criminal - a rich chocolate brown matte 
  • Secure -  a deeper matte orange 
  • Prowl - a matte deep dark brown 
  • Classified -  a chunky darker gold shimmer
L- R VIP, Access, Gilt Trip, Coin, Agent

L-R Top Secret, Smooth Criminal, Secure, Prowl, Classified

Next up is Dark Magic. This is a very cool toned smoky palette.

Dark Magic
The shades are; 
  • Poof - a matte light flesh tone shade
  • Power Cut - a shimmery silver with small glitter particles
  • Shhh - a matte cool tone mid brown
  • Trickery - a shimmery dark emerald 
  • Diversion - a shimmery taupe 
  • Potion - a matte khaki gree 
  • Busted - a deep blue that lightens as you blend it 
  • Inside Job - a dark matte green/grey shade
  • Mojo - a deep cool brown 
  • Temptress - a deep dark aubergine with subtle shimmer
L-R Poof, Power Cut, Shhh, Trickery, Diversion - (had to use a brighter flash to get Poof to show up)

L-R Potion, Busted, Inside Job, Mojo, Temptress - patchy swatches compared to the others due to formula

Then we have Ring The Alarm. This is instantly going to stand out for those who love a warm toned orange/red palette.
Ring The Alarm
The shades are; 
  • Lolli - a shimmery mid tone pink - quite hard to describe it's true colour
  • Rush - a light orange matte
  • On Camera - a beautiful shimmery orange/gold shade 
  • Boom -  a shimmery copper red 
  • Alert - a matte terracotta shade
  • Bomb Ass - the most stunning shimmery red tone
  • Siren - a deeper brown with subtle shimmer 
  • Mugshot - a matte mid tone orange
  • Framed - a deeper brown matte 
  • Secret -  a matte rich chocolate brown
L-R Lolli, Rush, On Camera, Boom, Alert

L-R Bomb Ass, Siren, Mugshot, Framed, Secret

Lastly is Bling Boss this is a more cool toned purple and pink palette.

Bling Boss

The shades are; 
  • Bling Bling -  a silver based baby pink shimmer 
  • Hush Hush - a beautiful matte cool toned rose 
  • Gem - a standout shimmery bright royal purple
  • Pizazz - a shimmery russet shade
  • Mystic - a deep aubergine matte
  • Sparks - a matte mid tone  red based burgundy 
  • Glitz & Glam - a gold based baby pink shimmer
  • Rockstar - a matte mid tone purple/burgundy shade
  • Ballsy - a rose gold shimmer
  • Berry Treasure - a deep shimmery purple/ black shade
L-R Bling Bling, Hush Hush, Gem, Pizzazz, Mystic

L-R Sparks, Glitz & Glam, Rockstar, Ballsy, Berry Treasure

The two palettes I'd heard the most varied reviews on were Dark Magic and Bling Boss so they're the two I tried first. The look I created with the Bling Boss palette used Hush Hush as my transition shade, Sparks and Rockstar in the crease and Ballsy on the lid. I actually didn't find any problems with the mattes which surprised me as when I took the swatch photos they weren't the easiest to work with.  
Using Bling Boss
Dark Magic was a completely different story I used Poof as a transition shade with Shhh, Poof is the best shade in this palette without a doubt for practicality. In the crease I blended Potion with a little Inside Job and Diversion over the lid. I also ran a little Busted under my lower lash line, it definitely got brighter as it blended out. With the exception of Poof and Shhh all the other mattes blended with a lot of difficulty, it can be done but isn't necessarily for a beginner, I'm by no means an expert but I can usually blend eyeshadow ok. 
Dark Magic - excuse the bed hair!

The shadows did last at least 10 hours before creasing, I tried 2 different primers to make sure it was  a fair test and my favourite one really struggled with Dark Magic. The quality of the shadows isn't exactly the quality I'm used to from Morphe but I certainly wouldn't say they're the worst shadows I've ever used. 

If you'd like to try the Vault for yourself it's available from Morphe here

What do you think? Will you be entering the Vault?
Stacey x

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